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Infinity Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pocket - Made to Order - Multiple Prints Available

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Who doesn't love a good pocket and a scarf? Well... I combined the two for the perfect on the go accessory. Use the secret zipper pocket to stash keys, wallet, or anything else you need in a hurry. SNACK POCKETS!!!

This item is made to order and is customized to your preferences. Please choose an outer print in warm fuzzy flannel. Then send me a message to pick your custom pocket or choose the mystery pocket option for a fun surprise. 

*First photo is a sample.

    1. Dark Gray Herringbone Qty. 15
    2. Red Herringbone Qty. 9
    3. Jewel Tone Watercolor Qty. Out of Stock
    4. Orange/Pink/Purple Watercolor Qty. 2
    5. Jewel Tone Herringbone Qty. 2
    6. Pink Flamingo Qty. Out of Stock
    7. Donuts Qty. 2
    8. Pink/Teal Plaid Qty. 2
    9. Gray/Pink Plaid Qty. 2
    10. Gray/Dk Gray/White Plaid Qty. Out of Stock
    11. Gray/Dk Gray/Red Plaid Qty. 2 
    12. Black/Red/Brown Plaid Qty. Out of Stock
    13. Bright Red/Black Plaid Qty. 2
    14. Gray/White Plaid Qty. 2
    15. Coffee Qty. 2
    16. Gray/Pink Plaid Qty 2
    17. Sharks Qty. 1